Hi and thanks for visiting my website. I am a full-time husband and father, most-of-the-time physician, and all-the-time follower of Christ. What time I have left I try to go out and make photographs.
As I love being outdoors, I am usually photographing nature and wildlife. I have a particular affinity for bird photography but if its outdoors most likely I'll be eager to shoot it. As my gallery on NYC shows, I am even willing to shoot humans in their native environment. I am truly blessed to live in the Mountain Empire region of  Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Western North Carolina, where photographic opportunities are just endless!!. I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to comment or contact me-especially if its complimentary :)
Although I have been shooting for many years, I had only infrequently posted or published my work. This website comes at the encouragement of my family-particularly from my daughter Kristy, to share my photography online. With that in mind I dedicate this site to her with love.

Thanks for writing. I will get back too you soon.
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